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Italian wine and food
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Andrea's Wine Blog,

Andrea's wine blog is a collection of my thoughts, mainly on wine, Italian and non, but also on food and Italy. I started Italyabroad.com in 2003, importing Italian wine from small producers and 14 years later, I am still faithful to the same principles and this blog is my diary, where I write pretty much everything that comes to my mind, I write about my frustrations, my passions and battles, yes, I am a passionate Italian.

And in case this blog is not enough, you can find me on our Youtube channel, where you can see me talking about wine and tasting our wines and answering your questions about Italian wines and grapes, from the Italian wine classification to what it is an orange wine.

If you want to get familiar with Italian wine, I’ll suggest you to watch these three video, the first will give you some background about me, in the second I talk about Italian wine classification and in the third of how confusing the system is and how to avoid buying the wrong wine.

#LidlSuprise, the power of stories

October 31, 2017 Tags: Lidl, Wine, Marketing, Adverts View Comments (0)
We all love stories whether we admit it or not, we all are a bit romantic, we all like the “lived happily ever after” ending and marketeers have long know it, but they have never used this approach when marketing wine, until now, until an outsider had to remind all of us the power of stories Continue Reading

It is just another wine competition

Consumers don’t care and don’t want to or have the time to find out what competition is, after all is just a bottle of wine, the medal is enough, it is the sticker that get purchases, and the brighter the color, the more attention the wine gets Continue Reading

Has Prosecco become a joke?

I recently read that a Cava producer has started selling its own “premium”, which I see as a tentative to stay away from the price war that is taking place in the category, Prosecco and I keep asking myself if I am the only one thinking that the Prosecco sage has become a joke Continue Reading

Wine experts and wine apps

May 22, 2017 Tags: Vivino, Wines, Wine Expert View Comments (0)
I was a winery before approaching a direct line to potential buyers I will firstly look at whether these buyers can get hold of my wines and then who else is using the same system but until them, I will work in getting my wines in as many markets as possible with the right partners without worrying too much about Vivino Continue Reading

Why is everyone against Prosecco?

What is the problem for Prosecco and why is everyone wishing it to go? There is too much Prosecco that tastes like a cheap sparkling wine, this is real problem. Continue Reading

Vinitaly, the show

April 18, 2017 Tags: Vinitaly View Comments (1)
I love Vinitaly and cant wait to attend next year event, but unless it goes back to its origin and the real reasons why it has been created, why exhibitors and visitors are attending it, I can’t see vinitaly lasting another 50 years Continue Reading

Andrea's Wine Conversations: Negroamaro

Negroamaro is a red wine grape grown in the south of Italy, mainly in Apulia and the Salento, the heel of Italy. The grape can produce different wines, and is also blended with other grapes to produce wine such as the Salice Salentino or the Squinzano Rosso. Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Falanghina

Falanghina is a white wine grape grown and wine made in the south of Italy, mainly in Campania, that in the last few years has become widely known and drunk Continue Reading

Is Progrigio the future of wine in the UK?

Progrigio, what a name for a wine, it reminds me of a tennis equipment brand. What next, Prozinf, for a Sparkling Zinfaldel, or MalPro, for a Sparkling Malbech? Or they both sound too much like medicines? Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Gutturnio

Gutturnio is a red wine from Emilia Romagna, Piacenza precisely, and is a blend of Barbera and Bonarda, it is still or frizzante, slightly sparkling, a very interesting wine that if you havent yet, it is worth discovering Continue Reading

Is Brexit being blamed for everything or is the wine industry that is in a mess?

Whether we agree or not, have voted in or out, Brexit is a result of democracy and we all need to accept it and try to get the best out of it, but lately Brexit is being blamed for everything, sometime rightly so, sometime no Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Lugana

Lugana is the white wine from the Lake Garda, a beautiful wine, perfect to enjoy on its own or to compliment food. Lugana is becoming more and more known outside Italy due to the number of tourists visiting the Lake Garda wanting to drink the same wine once at home. Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Moscato Passito

We all know the Moscato or Muscat grape, it is grown everywhere in Italy and the world, used to make different wines. In Italy it is grown from north to south, the most famous Moscato is the Moscato d'Asti, but this one is a quite a spectacular wine Continue Reading

Global brands and wineries

March 11, 2017 Tags: Prosecco, Champagne, Brand, Winery View Comments (0)
What is a global brand in the wine industry, is there any difference between brands and wineries? Why the wine industry does not have its Nike or Adidas? Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Gamay

Gamay is not often associated to Italy, however the grape is grown in Italy, precisely in Valle d’Aosta (Aosta Valley). Wines from Valle d’Aosta are not widely available due to their limited production but are really good, and this Gamay is no exception Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Aglianico

Aglianico is a fantastic grape grown in the south of Italy and this Aglianico comes from Campania and is made with grapes grown in the Taurasi area, here the same grapes can be used to make Taurasi, a very good wine called the Barolo of the south Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a fantastic grape, produces amazing wine, from light, refreshing, easy to drink to complex, aged wine, Chardonnay used to be a favourite grape and wine until the Pinot grigio took over. Oak, whether barrels or just flavours, is also a way to hide poor quality grapes Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Barbera Colli Piacentini

When thinking about Barbera, we immediately associate the grape and the wine to Piedmont and depending on our knowledge, Asti or Alba, but barbera as a grape is planted and grown in many other Italian regions, from Lombardia to Emilia Romagna Continue Reading

Where has the good wine gone?

February 3, 2017 Tags: London, Wine Industry, Wine View Comments (0)
If London is the rest of the UK in a few years then I think the wine industry is going backwards, not that the rest of the country is in a much better shape Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Maremma Toscana

What is a Supertuscan? What makes them different from the other Tuscan wines? In this episode Andrea explains why the Supertuscany category has been created and will be tasting a supertuscan from Maremma Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

The Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is a wine that we all had, at least once, in our life, not to confuse with the Nobile the Montepulciano, completely different wine and grape from Tuscany Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Cococciola

In the last few years Italian wine makers, after having realised that instead of trying to copy new world wine should focus on Italian native and unique grapes, are bringing back forgotten grapes.. Cococciola is one of them Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Sauvignon

Sauvignon is too often associated to New Zealand, very rarely wine drinker think of Italian Sauvignon, however, Friuli is a region famous for all its white wines, not just Sauvignon Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Lacrima di Morro D'Alba Superiore

In Italy we have two wines called Lacrima, tear, the Lacryma Christi which is a wine from Campania and the Lacrima di Morro D'Alba, a wine and a grape very little known Continue Reading

Andrea's wine conversations: Lagrein Riserva

The Lagrein is a native grape from Trentino, very little known outside the area, still it makes fantastic wines, full, fruity with a nice acidity Continue Reading
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