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About Italian food and our recipe collection

About Italian Food
Our Italian recipes section is the one stop for authentic Italian cooking. Italian cuisine is one of the most popular and beloved cuisines in the world that has been exported all over the world making it one the most copied. Everyone loves pasta or tiramisu'. Italian cuisine is all about quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients simply cooked so that their flavours can shine through.

But Italian cuisine is not just one, there isn’t a one book recipes. Italian cuisine is made of different regional and local culinary traditions, Italian cuisine is also the same dish reinterpreted differently in different part of the country or by different chefs or mums or dads, the classic lasagne al ragu', a dish we all love, is one of them, there are dozens of versions and every one of them is correct, ours come from Andrea’s mum recipes book, but just moving a few houses down, it already changes. Italian recipes are often passed down from generation to generation, and they are a source of great pride for Italians.

Nowadays, due to the globalisation, different cuisines are blending, there are no many boundary left in cooking, we try to stay as authentic as we can, however, we believe that cooking is an art and as such, subject to interpretation, and we suggest to any cook or aspiring one using our recipes not to be afraid, to take them as a starting point and make them their own, and share with us the outcome, so that everyone can try it as well.

Our Italian recipes section is a work in progress, it gets constantly updated, if there is any recipe you would like us to publish or share, please forward it to us and we will happily add to our recipe’s book. Buon appetito



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