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Our Manifesto

Food and wine for Italians are much more than just food and wine, it’s family, home, people sitting together, stories and jokes, laughs. Supermarket shelves are full of poor quality, cheap Italian wine and food. At our manifesto has always been, from 2003, to import the very best Italian wine and food, our journey has been about meeting passionate small Italian producers making great products and importing them in the UK. We believe that small producers offer the best, not only in terms of quality, but also value for money, all our wines and food not only taste great but are made with the best ingredients. We are the Italian wine and food specialist.

We are all about quality Italian wine and food and there are plenty of reasons to choose us, but these are the most important ones:

We offer authentic Italian wine and food, all our products are what Italians eat and drink, including us;
We have been working and supporting small producers and artisans since 2003;
We truly believe that our products offer the best value for money;
All our products not only are made respecting the environment and our food range doesn’t contain any palm oil or preservative, are made using only natural and healthy ingredients.

Good wine comes from healthy, ripe grapes. Good wine comes from looking after the vineyards. Great grapes can make great wines; unripe, damaged grapes will only make vinegar. Food ingredients list should not contain codes and numbers, good food does not need them, only bad food does, to add flavour, to compensate the lack of it. These are facts.

The way we eat and drink reflects the way we look after ourselves, when we eat healthy and drink well, we feel better, we feel good about ourselves, we feel energised, awake. Good food and good wine bring good friends and sometime, less is better, always choose quality over quantity, we only live once, so let’s enjoy it.

We can’t promise the warm Italian evenings, but do promise that all our food and wines have been carefully chosen to bring you the finest Italy offers. So whether you are relaxing on the sofa after a long day at work or hosting a party or just looking for a present, let your story start with a bit of Italy from

Latest Reviews

Hi Guys, just a little message, I bought some sublime brunello from you 8 years ago or so, still in my cellar, tonight i found one you had recommended me years ago. So opened it and

Anthony - November 28, 2019

Thanks for all your amazing wine

Andrew Brady - November 25, 2019

It is not often that I choose to drink a rosé - I much prefer a strong red wine. However, I was not disappointed by this delicious sparkling wine. I have never tried Franciacorta be

Callum James - November 17, 2019

This is an excellent dessert wine, deep, almost orange in colour, with a beautiful aroma and a deliciously refreshing and fruity flavour. A fantastic accompaniment for delicate flav

Callum James - November 17, 2019

Hi Alex I was just going to email you to let you know! Thanks for all your help. The sun is shining and just right for a G&T! Cheers John

John - November 15, 2019

Great company to deal with and a delicious liqueur. In fact it is my favourite orange flavoured cocktail ingredient!

Kasia - November 11, 2019

An amazing Gavi di Gavi, like no Gavi I tasted before, elegant, fresh, with a mineral finish. A wine to be enjoyed

Andrew - July 26, 2019

Brilliant wines. The last wine delivery we had was brilliant by the way.

Mark - May 14, 2019

Hi Alex I was just going to email you to let you know! Thanks for all your help. The sun is shining and just right for a G&T! Cheers John

john - April 12, 2019