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Our Manifesto

At we believe in importing the best quality Italian wine and food, we believe that how we eat and drink reflects the way we look after ourselves, eating healthily and drinking well makes us feeling better, feeling good, feeling energised, awake.

All our food and wine range is chosen based on:

Authenticity. We offer authentic Italian wine and food, all our products are what Italians eat and drink, including us;
Quality and ethical. All our range is of the highest quality possible, we have been working and supporting small producers and artisans since 2003, you will never see industrial, poor quality products on our website.
Environmentally friendly and healthy. All our products are made respecting the environment, are environmentally friendly and our food range doesn’t contain palm oil or preservative and is made using only natural and healthy ingredients and all our packaging and cards are made with recycled paper.

Good wine comes from healthy, ripe grapes, low yield vineyards. Good wine comes from looking after the vineyards. Great grapes can make great wines; unripe, damaged grapes will only make poor quality wine. Food ingredients list should not contain codes and numbers, good food does not need them, only poor quality food does, to add flavour, to compensate for the lack of it. These are facts.

Food and wine for Italians are much more than just eating and drinking, it’s family, friends, home, people sitting together, stories and jokes, laughs. Good food and good wine bring good friends and some time, less is better, we believe in quality over quantity.

Supermarket shelves are full of poor quality, cheap Italian wine and food or product with Italian sounding names. At our credo has always been to import the very best Italian wine and food, our journey has been about meeting passionate small Italian producers making great products. We believe that small producers offer the best quality and value for money. We are the Italian wine and food online retailer.

Latest Reviews

Fantastic. Delivered by hand beautifully presented - and what produce. Thank you all.

Jon - December 23, 2020

We have had some sausage with pasta and it was delicious, thank you so much

Anne - November 30, 2020

Read about this in a review in The Times by Rob Tyrer. This prosecco is truly remarkable - not the cloying rubbish that's often passed off as prosecco (and yet sells by the barrel)

Aine - June 5, 2009

My first time trying the Catalanesca grape, and an absolute must for Chardonnay lovers. Primary notes of ginger and pear with a long buttery finish. A good structure with medium to

Joe - July 26, 2020

This wine has become my wife favourite.. She doesn't want to drink anything else

Mike - May 5, 2017

After enjoying the Barbera d'Asti Sopra Berruti, me and my wife decided to try another barbera and we thought it best to stick with the same producer from before. We were not disapp

Nick - April 21, 2017

The Pinot Nero was fantastic, bellissimo! I loved it, the structure was superb, fresh cherries but some earthiness too, it’s a great example of pinot, amazing. Jack

- June 17, 2020

Fantastic sparkling wine! Better than most Champagnes I have tasted! Highly recommended!!

Alastair - October 29, 2015

This is an excellent dessert wine, deep, almost orange in colour, with a beautiful aroma and a deliciously refreshing and fruity flavour. A fantastic accompaniment for delicate flav

Callum James - November 17, 2019