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Discover Italian wines like you never before. Italy is the country that grows the biggest number of grapes and due to its topographic characteristics, it really is a unique wine making country and wine is in the Italian DNA, every family, from north to south, loves and drinks wine, with the vast majority having been involved at some point in the making of their own wine.

At our wine tasting events, presented by our wine experts, you will not only discover some of the best and unknown Italian wines and grapes, but also the story behind them, you will be given plenty of information and tips, including how to taste wine and what to look for when choosing a bottle.

We also organize wine makers’ dinners where our guests will get to talk and ask questions directly to them, our wine makers are small, independent, are the ones that get up early in the morning and work in the vineyards, they know their vines one by one.

And the food is as important as the wine, great wines requires delicious food, and all our events will include food that matches the wines.

Come along and Italian wines will never been the same again

Upcoming Events

An afternoon with Mr Syrah in Wakefield

01 March 2020 at 15:00


An evening with Mr Syrah in Sunderland

03 March 2020 at 19:00


Event Testimonials

  • Very informative and enjoyable, excellent choice of wines, really complimented the meal

  • Very interesting and excellent presentation, Andrea is an obvious expert whose knowledge is impressive

  • Very informative and excellent introduction to Italian wines

  • Very very interesting and hugely enjoyable. A great selection of wines