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Italy and its regions

Italy, a wonderful country to visit and discover.

Italy is history, art, architecture, food, wine, beaches, sun, mountains, snow. Italy is probably one of the most beautiful and inspiring countries in the world and this guide doesn’t pretend to be the guide to take with you when visiting Italy, after all we are not a travel agent, but I think it is only right to give some background about what Italy really is with a particular attention to its wines and food to better understand us and our philosophy, but Italy is much more.

Italy is a country that everyone wants, and must, visit and experience. A trip to Italy should be in everyone bucket list and the same should be said with regard to Italian wine and food. Italy is divided into 20 regions and each region is different from the others, with each village or city having different wine and food traditions compared to their neighbourhood, sometime very, there are no two regions the same, each region has its own food and wine traditions. Italy is an endless feast, it doesn’t really matter where you are, when sitting at an Italian table, is all about enjoying the food and being together.

Italian wine and food is made by thousands of wine makers and producers, with the vast majority small or very small, family run, at their 3rd, 4th or more generations. Italian food and wine is varied and it is very much local and needs to be discovered. Italian food and wine, like the country, needs to be approached with an open minded, however, don’t expect to find it in touristic spots, the real Italian wine and food will not be found there.

Italian cuisine is about simplicity, fresh and seasonal ingredients freshly cooked, which makes it one of the healthiest in the world, the so called “Mediterranean diet”, and plenty of wine, yes wine is always on the table, and local food is always best paired with local wines, a match made in heaven.

For each region we have put together what we think visitors should know, including places to eat, places we have been and think you should visit, if there is anything we have missed, please do let us know and will add it.

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