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Italy and its regions

Italy is Italy.. Italy is history, art, architecture, food, wine, beaches, sun, mountains, snow, Italy is probably one of the most beautiful and inspiring countries in the world and this guide doesn’t pretend to be the guide to take when visiting Italy, after all we are not a travel agent, but I think it is only right to provide some background about what Italy really is with a particular attention to its wine and food, but Italy is much more.

Italy is a country that everyone wants, and must, visit and experience. A trip to Italy should be in everyone bucket list and the same should be said with regard to Italian wine and food. Italy is divided into 20 regions and each region is different from the others, sometime very different, there are no two regions the same. Italy is an endless feast, doesn’t matter where you are, but when sitting at an Italian table is all about celebrating and enjoying.

Italian cuisine is about simplicity, fresh and seasonal ingredients and plenty of wine. Every Italian region produce wines, including the islands, and regional food is always best paired with regional wines, a match made in heaven.

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