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Latium, Lazio in Italian, is a region found in the centre of Italy and is also one of the most important regions, not least because Rome not only is its capital but also the country’s one. We all know Rome, Rome is a city where every single wall is full of history and there is no other place like it and if you haven’t been yet, we believe it should be in everyone’s Bucket list. Rome is also the Vatican City, with S. Peter’s Cathedral and stunning buildings including the Sistine Chapel with its beautiful ceilings painted by Michelangelo, but be prepared for a long queue.

Latium is not just Rome though, it is also the region where you can find two outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Hadrian’s Villa (Villa Adriana) which belonged to, and was commissioned by, Emperor Hadrian, and Villa d’Este, which Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este built in 1550, both in Tivoli, about 15 miles from Rome.

Latium, or Lazio in Italian, also has a number of natural parks including the Castelli Romani Natural Park, with astonishing villas and medieval castles and the stunning Circeo National Park, situated along the coast, with clear water and breath taking views.

Latium cuisine and food is famous all over the world, you may not know where it is from, but we had at least one Carbonara, possibly the most famous local dish, rigorously spaghetti, guanciale (cured pork cheek), cheese and definitely no cream. Other local dishes include Cacio e pepe, Amatriciana, Gricia and Saltimbocca alla Romana, veal cutlets topped with prosciutto and sage, and then sautéed.

The region's wine reputation is mainly based on its white wines, the most famous wine of this region is a white wine called Frascati, which was described as “the golden wine” by the Romans. Cesanese, including the DOCG Cesanese dal Piglio, and Castelli Romani wines are also widely made.

Traditionally, Latium’s wines were ”abboccato”, with an higher sugar content and made for immediate consumption, today the styles are lighter, drier and crisper, however they are still designed for drinking young, characterized by their high acidity and a lightness that makes them an ideal accompaniment to the local cuisine.

Latium is home to plenty of great restaurants, pizzerias and trattoria.

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