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Grape Guide

Magliocco canino
Magliocco canino

The Magliocco canino grape has been cultivated since ancient times in Calabria, Marche and Sicily. It belongs to the large family of the typical Magliocchi Calabrian viticulture, among which stands out...Continue Reading

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Birrificio Amiata, Tuscany
Birrificio Amiata, Tuscany

A dream of two brothers - the Amiata Brewery is, as the name suggests, a brewery located in the Amiata mountains in southern Tuscany. Started in a garage, from a passion for producing craft beers, the ... Continue Reading

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Q & A   (Ask Our Experts)

What are sulphites?
What's the best temperature for serving wine?
What is a organic wine?
Is drinking wine good for you and your health?
How many calories can we find in a glass of wine?
Why is rose wine pink?
How will you know if a wine is corked?
What does "vintage" mean?
Concretely, how do you make wine?!
What does “oaky” mean? What makes a wine “oaky?”
Is it necessary to swirl wine in the glass before you taste it?
How long will a bottle of wine last after being opened?

Get to Know Italy


Abruzzo is one of the most underrated and undiscovered Italian regions and an all year round destination, a region that offers something to do every time of the year. Despite being the greenest region ... Continue Reading

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Event image 02 37705eeedb6940923e0e0c274ed6a158f25a0b9cef159689d28b2643fa7efe32
Christmas Tasting Leeds
02 December 2018 at 16:00

Our annual Christmas tasting is back.. Join us for an afternoon full of Italian wines from small independent producers. You will be given a glass and be tasting a selection of the best Italian Christma... Continue Reading

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Prosecco has become the cheapest “appellation” sparkling wine in the UK shelves and as such it is competing with all other cheap sparkling wines. Prosecco has become a commodity, and when a product bec... Continue Reading

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Latest Reviews

Nice mild drink for the weekend. Good price but get more than one for delivery discount.

Hamid - August 3, 2018

Fantastic sparkling rose', fruity, refreshing, lingering

mike - July 13, 2018

We have become addicted, refreshing, citrusy, not sweet, fantastic limoncello, we always have a bottle on our freezer to offer to our visitors. You get what you pay for,

Adam - June 10, 2017

Came across Italyabroad.com by chance and ordered a selection of white wine including this one and it was very good, it has replaced Pinot Grigio in our fridge

Chris - June 8, 2017

Tried several producers until I stumbled upon this one and it is miles better than any other we tried

Chris - June 8, 2017

I was attracted to the Italyabroad site by the unusual wines on offer. Having never heard of the grape variety Cococciola I had no high expectations so what a surprise when tasting

Colin - May 25, 2017

Came across this site by chance, bought a few wines, and this Gavi is the best I ever tried

Mike - May 5, 2017

This wine has become my wife favourite.. She doesnt want to drink anything else

Mike - May 5, 2017

Exactly like a barbera should be.. it reminds us when we lived in Turin

Mike - May 5, 2017
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