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Moscatello selvatico
Moscatello selvatico

Numerous scholars including Acerbi in 1825, Rovasenda in 1877, Molon in 1906 and Dalmasso in 1964 all said that the vine Moscatello selvatico belongs to the great family of Moscati, although the term M...Continue Reading

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Our Producers

Our producers
Turin Distillery Vermouth, Piedmont

Born in Turin, where the deep historic roots of vermouth originated in 1786, the Turin Vermouth distillery is the only distillery located in the former Italian capital. The current generation, led by t... Continue Reading

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Pairing pasta and wine
Tips for navigating restaurant wine lists
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Can red wines be chilled?
What is difference between Traditional or classic method and Charmat or Martinotti method sparkling wines?
How is sparkling wine made?
What is an oxidized wine?
How to tell if a wine is age worthy
What are natural wines?

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Discover Italy

Discover italy

The southern Italian region of Campania forms the shin of Italy’s boot-like shape and has Naples as its capital. The name of the region comes from Latin and was called Campania felix (fertile countrysi... Continue Reading

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Not the Euro, Italy and England are still playing and best of luck to both teams, not a friendly football match either; our wines and food have won plenty of awards and competitions and got great score... Continue Reading

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Latest Reviews

Alex Thank you for the hamper - and the additional surprises. It is fantastic. We will enjoy this together. Please keep up your excellent produce and service

Jon - May 28, 2021

Barbera d'AlbaAnother first rate wine from Italy Abroad. Smooth, supple, subdued tannins, decent length and fruit, rounded and full in the mouth with a nice and subtle acidity that makes it grea

Simon - May 08, 2021

Barbera d'Asti Superiore "Sopra Berruti"This is an excellent wine for foods such as a lighter red meat (lamb cutlets) or a creamy sauce. Somewhat fruity but with a very nice acidity that pairs well with food that appreci

Simon - May 03, 2021

Excellent service. Thank you.

Kevin - April 24, 2021

What an excellent service!!!
Good morning, the wine has arrived, what an excellent service. Len is very impressed with the packing. Thank you, this will help see us through the lockdown.

What an excellent service!!! - February 25, 2021

Meat Lover HamperFantastic. Delivered by hand beautifully presented - and what produce. Thank you all.

Jon - December 23, 2020

Calabrian SausagesWe have had some sausage with pasta and it was delicious, thank you so much

Anne - November 30, 2020

Kata Catalanesca IGT Monte SummaMy first time trying the Catalanesca grape, and an absolute must for Chardonnay lovers. Primary notes of ginger and pear with a long buttery finish. A good structure with medium to

Joe - July 26, 2020

Thoroughly enjoying my first purchase - Brings back the memories of Italian trips, Until we can enjoy the beautiful food, wine and music of that wonderful country at first hand we h

Roger - May 08, 2020