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Wines & Grapes Guide

Grechetto rosso
Grechetto rosso

The Grechetto rosso grape was grown exclusively in the province of Viterbo and is present only in the DOC Colli Etruschi viterbesi with a specific type in purity. Currently, however, it is not cultivat...Continue Reading

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Our Producers

Our producers
J. Gasco, Artisan Soft Drinks, Piedmont

Based in Piedmont, J. Gasco is an artisan company that has added a twist to all the classic and non Italian soft drinks. From Cedrata to Chinotto and Limonata to Gassosa, their product range is all nat... Continue Reading

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Pairing pasta and wine
Tips for Navigating Restaurant Wine Lists
What’s in a Bordeaux red blend?
Can red wines be chilled?
What is difference between Traditional or classic method and Charmat or Martinotti method sparkling wines?
How is sparkling wine made?
What is an oxidized wine?
How to tell if a wine is age worthy
What are natural wines?
How long will a bottle of wine last after being opened?

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Discover Italy

Discover italy

The region of Molise is fairly young compared to the other Italian regions as it was originally part of Abruzzi e Molise until 1963, with the separation becoming effective in 1970, when the region of M... Continue Reading

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It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have been wanting to write, but despite being in self isolation and having plenty of time, I can’t find anything to write about. Actually I do, th... Continue Reading

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Latest Reviews

Hi Guys, just a little message, I bought some sublime brunello from you 8 years ago or so, still in my cellar, tonight i found one you had recommended me years ago. So opened it and

Anthony - November 28, 2019

Thanks for all your amazing wine

Andrew Brady - November 25, 2019

It is not often that I choose to drink a rosé - I much prefer a strong red wine. However, I was not disappointed by this delicious sparkling wine. I have never tried Franciacorta be

Callum James - November 17, 2019

This is an excellent dessert wine, deep, almost orange in colour, with a beautiful aroma and a deliciously refreshing and fruity flavour. A fantastic accompaniment for delicate flav

Callum James - November 17, 2019

Hi Alex I was just going to email you to let you know! Thanks for all your help. The sun is shining and just right for a G&T! Cheers John

John - November 15, 2019

Great company to deal with and a delicious liqueur. In fact it is my favourite orange flavoured cocktail ingredient!

Kasia - November 11, 2019

An amazing Gavi di Gavi, like no Gavi I tasted before, elegant, fresh, with a mineral finish. A wine to be enjoyed

Andrew - July 26, 2019

Brilliant wines. The last wine delivery we had was brilliant by the way.

Mark - May 14, 2019

Hi Alex I was just going to email you to let you know! Thanks for all your help. The sun is shining and just right for a G&T! Cheers John

john - April 12, 2019