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Not all honey is created equal. In fact, not all “honey” is even real honey, a number of ingredients are often added to what we buy as “honey”. Unfortunately there is a lot of mass produced, adulterated honey around with the most prevalent problems including:
• dilution with different syrups
• harvesting immature honey
• using ion-exchange resins to lighten colour
• mis-labelling origin
Raw honey comes straight from the honeycomb, and is honey in its purest form. It is unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized, processes which can destroy the natural vitamins (high in vitamin C and B vitamins), minerals and enzymes found in honey and to get the maximum benefits from honey, it's important to purchase it in its raw organic form, because regular honey has been filtered and processed, losing some of its nutritional properties along the way.

The type of honey made by the bees is dependent on the types of foliage and flowers available them and they determine whether the honey will be clear and runny or dark and hard.

The health benefits of raw honey are endless:
Anti-viral and anti-fungal properties Contains polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant
Helps ward off allergies
Soothes sore throats and is a natural expectorant (i.e. is great to eat when you have a cold)
Stabilizes blood pressure and balances blood sugar levels
Boosts immune function
Helps heal skin conditions and wounds when applied topically
Promotes digestive health
As an alkaline-forming food, helps combat chronic illness
It is an energy booster
It helps fighting allergies
It is loaded with nutrients

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