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Our Italian beer and wine tours are different, give you unique access

You will be able to see wineries and breweries like no one else, you will meet the wine makers, the brew masters, and talk to them thanks to our privileged relationship. You will be welcomed by the owners themselves, not marketing people, people that we have known for decades and are part of our families like we are part of theirs.

Our beer and wine tours will allow you to see places where the public is not normally allowed unless personally known to the producers and their families, we will sit at the same table with them, sharing lunches and dinners, tasting old vintages and special wines, and listening to their stories and the story of their brewery or winery. And you can ask as many questions as you like. Simply said, you'll see and experience things that others won't.

Our beer and wine tours are carefully designed so that you will experience the best and most authentic side of not only visiting a brewery or a winery but also the area in which they are located, our beer and wine tours are not about top hotels and best restaurants, this can be done all year round, our tours are about people and wine and beer, food and stories, experiences. Our beer and wine tours are for everyone, professional and not, people who want to visit Italy and taste wines or beers and eat food and more than anything else, experience the authentic side of making wine or beer.

We take a maximum of 10 people on each tour, it's intimate, informal, yet there are enough people to make it diverse and fun.

So have a look at our next tours but don't delay in booking, they sell very fast and feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have. We and our producers look forward to welcoming you

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Wine Tour Testimonials

  • Amazing experience, loved every single minutes and learned so much about wine

  • Taking an active part was so much better than simply being shown