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    Did you know that “Prosecco gets its sparkles from injecting CO2”?

    Did you know that “Prosecco gets its sparkles from inject...


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Valpolicella SuperioreOur favourite red has always been Amarone but under recommendation from Andrea we tried this red. Certainly not as big & bold as an Amarone but beautifully balanced, very smooth wit

Ian - August 11, 2023

Brian & Shirley
We had our wine night on the 11th March which everyone enjoyed. All the wines were excellent, the Pinot Grigio Cantanghel and Supertuscans Il Sorvegeliante Rigololccio were of part

Brian & Shirley - March 17, 2023

GuancialeAbsolutely delicious. If you are going to cook authentic italian pasta recipes this is what you need!

Jonathan - November 17, 2022

Recioto della ValpolicellaAn excellent wine, fruity, perfect for chocolate desserts. Not overly sweet, this wine also work well with cheeses. Delicious

Anne - April 04, 2022

CustozaA real favorite of ours, from years of visiting Italy but proving harder to find in the Uk. A well rounded white wine - not acidic - easy to drink with food or on its own

Anne - April 04, 2022

Prosecco DOC TrevisoVery light and enjoyable Prosecco

Anne - April 04, 2022

Thank you for a great evening! :-) we will try + visit again from Scotland

Sharon - August 13, 2021

Excellent night - thank you very much for a lovely nigh. Very knowledgeable - learnt a lot about wine

Brenda - August 13, 2021

Alex Thank you for the hamper - and the additional surprises. It is fantastic. We will enjoy this together. Please keep up your excellent produce and service

Jon - May 28, 2021