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Meet us

We are a bunch of passionate people that love what we do, we love spending entire afternoons tasting new wines and food for you, and then return to work on our desks or warehouse, it is a very hard job but someone has to do it. We started in 2003, was founded by Andrea and we are still here, we love our jobs and love helping you.

At we are a team, is not about one person, we all help each other, this is what makes our job even better, we don’t have roles, we all help and look after each other, so we will not write the individual names and photographs, but as soon as the ladies decide that are ready for the team photo, we will take one and publish, until then, if you can't wait to see us, there is only one option, come and have a coffee with us at the office.

Team Member
Customer Service
Alex is our problem fixer. Any problem or question from our customer and Alex will fix it. Alex love wines from the south of Italy, big, bold and fruity like this fantastic Primitivo di Manduria and love our raw organic honey on its own or as an accompaniment to cheese
Team Member
Andrea is the one that started everything, he is our wine buyer and also helps Alessio with the food, he is our wine expert and know pretty much everything there is to know about Italian wine. Andrea loves Amarone and Sforzato della Valtellina and our chocolates, he has a very sweet tooth
Team Member
Rup is our accountant, she ensure that the numbers make sense. She is gluten intolerant so she loves our gluten free pasta and chocolates range and she likes her artisan gin, we made her our Gin expert
Team Member
Alessio is our food buyer, he ensures that all the food we import passes the test, tasty, healthy and natural. Alessio is a big Barolo lover and like a good Gavi di Gavi when making his famous risotto
Team Member
Nicola or Nick as we call him, is the one responsible for looking after our warehouse and ensuring that your orders are packed correctly. Nick loves Chianti and he is a big Grappa fan.