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Wine Club

Discover the best Italian wines in the comfort of your home when you join our wine club

Italian wine is possibly the most underrated wine, plenty of cheap, mass produced wines available in supermarkets and shops, still Italy has the biggest number of grapes grown and produces some of the best wines in the world, Italian wines ranks regularly amongst the top.

Whether for you or as present, any wine drinker should include Italian wines amongst their favourite wines, we guarantee that once you do you will love them and want to know more, and there is no better way than joining our wine club and let you guide through the endless Italian wines. All our wines are made from small producers, great wines, not just the usual names, plenty of unknown and never heard names.

Let us hand pick the wines for you, we got big noses for great wines, just ensure you have enough space in your cellar, and you will be surprised and fall in love with Italian wines.

Choose the option you like and will do the rest, let us broaden your horizons. And our wine club is very flexible: you can skip, change or cancel whenever you like, discover Italian wines with the award winning merchant.

Wine Club Options

  • Wine Club "Solo Due"

    Wine Club "Solo Due"

    Discover More
  • Wine Club "Solo Due Speciale"

    Wine Club "Solo Due Speciale"

    Discover More
  • Wine Club 6-per-Month

    Wine Club 6-per-Month

    Discover More
  • Wine Club "Solo Bianco"

    Wine Club "Solo Bianco"

    Discover More
  • Wine Club "Solo Rosso"

    Wine Club "Solo Rosso"

    Discover More
  • Wine Club Regular Case

    Wine Club Regular Case

    Discover More

Wine Club Testimonials

  • Great wines, fantastic service, cant wait for the next case

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