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Italian wine and food
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The ideal Italian wine club. This option is made to give you the maximum benefit with the minimum effort. You will receive a 12 bottle case of wine every three months comprising 3x2 red wine, 2x2 white wine and 1x2 rose' wine.Every quarter you will get to discover and taste 6 different wines, classic and well known but also very limited production and unknown, all made by small producers, and you will appreciate the variety of Italian wines. Italy grows the biggest number of grapes and this wine club will open your mind and change your perception of Italian wine, too many think that Italian wines are the cheap wines available from supermarket. Each case will help you in broaden your Italian wine horizons, with exclusive hand-picked recommendations and delivered completely FREE of charge. By joining the Italyabroad.com wine club you will also be saving at least 10% on every case and 25% on all our wine tastings and wine events. You can cancel the membership at any time.

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