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Truffle Honey, Gran Cucina (110g)

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Why we love it

Produced in Piedmont, the spiritual home of the Italian truffle, this truffle honey is made using Italian wildflower honey because of its delicate flavour and shavings of Piedmont black truffe, two world famous Italian specialties.

This truffle honey finds the ideal pairing in cheeses or as ingredients in many dishes, from dessert to main courses. Delicious.

Wildflower honey, Black summer truffle, Natural flavouring

The artisan who made it

Gran Cucina has its root in a farm at the beginning of the XIX century. After buying a farm, the great grand father of the current generation started growing vegetables whilst the great grand mother started preparing local delicacies using their own grown products. Within a few years the reputation went outside the village, they started to supply nearby cities and villages. The family got bigger and so more help came.

Now, more than a century after, the same family and the same recipes are followed, using only the best local produces, including the very famous Alba truffle which is used in many products, from extra virgin olive oil to truffle honey to truffle butter.

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