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The island of Sardinia, Sardegna in Italian, is only slightly smaller than Sicily and the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sardinia is a beautiful island with wonderfully warm, largely rainless summers and roughly 135 days of splendid sunshine and beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters and is worldwide known for its beaches and the most famous of all must be La Pelosa Beach with its fine, warm sand and the picturesque view of the shimmering water that stretches beyond. Sardinia also has a fascinating history with a variety of intriguing sites that are worth exploring, including Su Naraxi di Barumini (a nuragic archaeological site) which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and then there is Cagliari, a city with a long history, a city that has seen the rule of several civilisations.

But Sardinia is also food, plenty of, from its cheeses, mainly Pecorino, from sheep, to its unique dishes, to its carasau, flat, bread and plenty of Mediterranean fish all perfectly matched by its wines, from Cannonau and Vermentino, the most famous, to Bovale or Moscato. Of all Italian regions, Sardinia has the lowest level of wine production per hectare and this is reflected in the fact that it only has one DOCG, the Vermentino di Gallura.