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Liguria, also known as the Italian Riviera, is a small coastal region that is well known for its stunning landscape and it is incredibly popular among tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches and towns, but little is known about Ligurian food and wine except Pesto and extra virgin olive oil.

Liguria is a small region, the biggest city is Genova, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has many fascinating buildings as well as a stunning port with an incredible view of the deep blue sea. Genova is also home to a fantastic aquarium, designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, with a myriad of intriguing and wonderful marine creatures such as dolphins along with a huge number of colourful fish. And Genova is also the dividing point of the “Riviera Ligure”, the coast, between “Riviera di Levante”, east of including Genova and “Riviera di Ponente” west of, up to Monaco.

The “Riviera di Levante” is made of small beaches and plenty of touristic villages and towns, from Portofino to the Cinque Terre and breathtaking cliffs, the “Riviera di Ponente” is mainly sandy beaches and sea resorts, from Sanremo to Alassio. When it comes to food Liguria is not only the place where the very famous Pesto was created, it is also olives and olive oil and plenty of fish. Liguria wines, on the other side, are little known outside the region because of their very limited production, the second lowest amount in Italy, due to the steep slopes which make incredibly difficult, labour intensive, to grow grapes, but Ligurian wines are truly spectacular. Liguria is mainly known for its whites, specifically Vermentino or the native Pigato.

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