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Ragu' di Carne (Bolognese Sauce)


(6 portions)

1 Passata
2/3 tomatoes tin (either plum/pulp or San Marzano)
1 carrots
1 onion
1 celery stalk
200 gr beef mince meat
200 gr pork mince meat (can be replaced with beef mince meat)
1 glass of red wine
2/3 leaves of laurel

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Ragu’ di carne, often called Bolognese sauce abroad, is a slow cooked meat sauce used all over Italy in many different dishes, from Tagliatelle al ragu to Lasagna, as Arancini fillings. The Bolognese sauce recipe changes depending on the region, our recipe comes from Andrea’s mum recipe book, from Abruzzo and it is the recipe that was passed to her by her mother.


Wash the vegetables and finely chop them and tie celery and rosemary together in a bunch using the kitchen string. In a very large pot pour some olive oil and turn on the heat on and add the vegetables, let them fry for a few minutes, add the mince meat, fry until the meat becomes brown and then add the red wine.

Turn up the heat for a few minutes until the alcohol has evaporated and then add the tomato sauce, 2/3 tins and you can also add some passata to give it more consistency, and bring to boil, add the bunch of herbs and let it boil, when the sauce begins to simmer, lower the heat and cover with a lid, stir occasionally and let the sauce cook slowly for the next 4 or 5 hours, season with salt and pepper and chilly if you like it spicy. Heat must be kept to a minimum, once ready, the sauce can be used for pasta, lasagne or even on its own with same freshly baked sourdough bread.

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