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Nduja, Salumifico Calla’ (2kg)

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Why we love it

Synonym with Calabria, the nduja is now known and consumed all over the world. Nduja is an atypical sausage, due to its soft and creamy consistency that makes it a spreadable. Originally produced with pork left over and considered a poors’ food, nduja has evolved over time to become today a fundamental, versatile, ingredient of many recipes. Nduja is nowadays used both for the preparation of quick snacks and elaborate and refined dishes by Michelin star chefs.

The nduja is produced through the careful selection and grinding of fatty parts of the pig (bacon, lard) and trimmings of lean parts, salt and the unmistakable flavour of the Calabrian red chillies carefully selected raw and dried in the sun according to traditional recipes. The meat mixture is then left to rest overnight and, subsequently, inserted in natural pig casing, perforated and tied by hand with natural twine and left to mature for a period of at least sixty days.

Our nduja has an intense red color and a pasty consistency, with the typical spicy flavor and a strong aroma, characteristics that make it able to enhance the flavors of any dish. Industrially made nduja tend to be very spicy, too spicy, to the point that they cover any other flavour.

The nduja, due to the rich presence of chillies, it also has excellent antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Meat, salt and Calabrian chillies are the only ingredients of the Calla’s nduja: preservatives, gluten and lactose free.

Please note that the weight is approximate. Our Nduja is made by an artisan by hand, not a factory, and weight can vary a few grams either way. If ordering the smaller size, the nduja is freshly cut and will come vacuum packed.

The artisan who made it

It all started in 1965 when Vittorio Callà, a breeder opened a butcher shop in Mileto, a small village not far from Vibo Valentia. Mileto is known for its numerous butchers and the quality of the meat (hence its name "City of meat"), with visitors coming every day to buy fresh meat and seasoned.

Thanks to the passion and knowledge of Vittorio and the help of his family, the small butcher in a few years, had become a synonym for high quality meat. In 1978 the second generation took over and decided to go one step further, they decided to build a slaughterhouse so they could control the whole process and ensure animals were treated properly.

Now, the next generation has taken over from Vittorio’s sons, and the small butcher shop is slightly bigger, but it is as artisan as it was when Vittorio first opened producing some of the best cured meat, including the famous Ndjua. All their meat and cured meat only uses natural ingredients without preservatives, they are 100% natural.

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