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Peeled Plum Tomatoes, Fontanella (400gr)

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Why we love it

These sweet plum tomatoes, made from 100% perfectly ripe Italian tomatoes grown in open fields under the sun, are the secret ingredient to any delicious tomato based recipe.

Made with fresh, elongated whole tomatoes, without the skin and immersed in tomato juice, these sweet plum tomatoes can be consumed as they are, raw, without cooking, on top of a toasted bread and extra virgin olive oil or as an ingredient in the preparation of tomatoes based dishes, including pizzas, or simply blended and cooked adding a bit of salt and pepper for a hearty and delicious tomato soup.

These peeled plum tomatoes do not contain any citric acid or acidity regulator needed when the tomatoes are not ripe, like many of the ones available from supermarkets.

Whole peeled tomatoes, tomato juice

The artisan who made it

Fontanella is a family that has been cultivating and selecting the best Italian tomatoes since 1957.

Passion and experience are their values. Fontanella selects the fields in which to grow the best quality tomatoes and they work them as our grandparents did, using the same tools they were using, smell and touch.

All their tomatoes, not only the San Marzano DOP, come from Italy, from the sunny southern Italian regions, and only the best and ripe tomatoes end in their tins. The secret of any tomato based sauce is in the ripeness of the tomatoes, if the tomatoes are ripe the resulting product is sweet and do not need anything to balance the acidity, any sweetener, needed when the tomatoes are unripe. Fontanella is a true and authentic italian family before a company, and with each tin, they bring only the best Italian tomatoes.

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