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Lasagne al ragu'


(6 portions)

4 fresh mozzarella
600gr lasagne pasta sheet
Grated cheese

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Lasagne al ragu, or Bolognese, is possibly one of the most famous Italian dish. Everyone loves a plate of Lasagna. However, to make a good Lasagne there are no shortcuts, yes, homemade pasta can be replaced with fresh lasagna sheets, but the secret for a great lasagne is in the sauce and to make a proper sauce it takes time, however, once you do, you will be amazed of the results. Our recipe is made with meat, but meat can be replaced making lasagne a very versatile dish. Buon appetito


First we need to prepare the sauce following the Bolognese sauce recipe. Once the sauce is ready, we can start making our Lasagne al ragu’.

We can make our own fresh lasagna sheet or buy them. If you have never made pasta, we suggest to buy fresh lasagna sheet, buy the best you can, trying to save a few pennies on the pasta, can ruin the whole dish.

Andrea’s mum recipe doesn’t use besciamella, béchamel, but there are other recipes that do. Follow the instruction on the lasagna sheet, sometime they needs to be cooked for a few minutes, other, just put in hot water and then dried, make sure you understand how to prepare yours.

Get a rectangular baking tray and pour some sauce with a spoon and then the first layer of pasta. Next, add another layer of sauce, some mozzarella that had already been cut to small squares and another layer of pasta. Form several layers, letting the last one remain "open", with the sauce and mozzarella.

Then bake the lasagne at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes and allow the lasagne to cool for 10 minutes before serving it.

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