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The Italian Abroad Wine Blog

The Italian abroad wine blog is my wine blog and diary. I founded in 2003 and have been living abroad for almost 20 years and this blog is a collection of my thoughts mainly about Italian wine and food, but also wine and food in general. I come from an Italian wine making family and got acquainted with wine at a very early age, but I don't just love Italian wine, I love any good wine and enjoy plenty of it, as well as good food and travelling, and often my posts include a bit of everything.

To help you understand Italian wines, we have designed a series of Italian wine regions maps featuring DOC and DOCG wines showing the origins and the grapes making your favourite Italian wines. I also wrote a post on the Italian wine appellation system explaining and demystifying the Italian wine classification system and what it really means for Italian wine lovers and wine drinkers in general.

Lastly, we have a Youtube channel where you can watch me tasting some of our wines and answer your questions about Italian wines and grapes, from the real meaning of DOC to what is an orange wine.

Hope you enjoy reading this wine blog and please get in touch if you have any question.


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Help me saving my grandparent's olive grove

March 01, 2023    Tags: View Comments (0)

I have launched a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter to save my grandparent’s olive grove in Abruzzo, Italy, with century old olive trees. I only rediscovered the olive grove last summer when going through old photographs and after days examining documents to remember where it was located, photographs and asking neighbours, i eventually found the olive grove. I have so many memories of me helping my grandparents collecting olives. The olive grove, now overgrown, and the olive trees have not been pruned for decades.

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Wine: It seriously harms health

January 23, 2023    Tags: View Comments (0)

Imagine buying a bottle of wine and reading “It seriously harms health” written on the label. What would your reaction be? I would be seriously p****d off.
On the other side, we should not be too angry because according to a new study, within 5 years we will be able to drink something that look like wine and would make us feel like we are drinking alcohol, without any of the side effects. What we seem to forget is that wine has been drunk since 7000 BC; the problem is not the wine, alcohol is not evil, the problem is the people abusing it.

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Let thy food be thy medicine...

January 03, 2023    Tags: View Comments (0)

Unfortunately, too often we associate good food and quality ingredients with expensive, but it doesn’t have to this way. The cost difference between a good tomato tin and one that needs sugar to correct the acidity because the tomatoes were not fully ripen when picked is only a few pennies; a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil, even if you use as much as I do (I use it for everything), lasts a few weeks, which makes the daily cost way cheaper than an espresso or cappuccino and a good olive oil not only makes or breaks a dish but provide us with plenty of the healthy stuff that help us living better and longer

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