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The Italian Abroad Wine Blog

The Italian abroad wine blog is my wine blog and diary. I founded in 2003 and have been living abroad for almost 20 years and this blog is a collection of my thoughts about mainly Italian wine and food, but also wine and food in general. I come from an Italian wine making family and got acquainted with wine at a very early age, but I don't just love Italian wine, I love any good wine and enjoy plenty of it, I am also very passionate about good food and travelling, and often my posts include a bit of everything.

To help you understand Italian wines, we have designed a series of Italian wine maps featuring DOC and DOCG Italian wines, where you can discover the origin and the grapes making it of your favourite Italian wine. I also wrote this post about the Italian wine appellation system explaining the Italian wine classification and what it really means for wine drinkers.

At we also have a Youtube channel where you can watch me tasting some of our wines and answer your questions about Italian wines and grapes, from the real meaning of DOC to what is an orange wine.

Hope you enjoy reading it,


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Italian craft beer .. if only

February 20, 2020    Tags: View Comments (0)

The Italian craft beer brand abroad is nonexistent, beer drinkers associate Italian beer with Peroni or Moretti, owned by Asahi, and more recently Ichnusa, owned by Heineken, they do not seem to be aware that not only these brands are not Italian but they are not drunk in Italy

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Make 2020 the year of visiting a winery

February 20, 2020    Tags: View Comments (0)

Make 2020 the year of visiting a small winery, far or close, here or abroad, it doesn’t matter, you can join one of our wine tours or go on your own, knock at the door of the first winery you encounter on your way and talk to the people working there, ask questions, visit the vineyards, just do it and wine will never be the same again

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Orange Wines

February 11, 2020    Tags: View Comments (0)

I have tasted plenty of orange wines and it is hard to find good ones, it is now a worldwide trend and everyone is trying to jump on the wagon, exactly like sparkling wines, properly made orange wines are difficult to find because are more difficult to make, finding the balance between tannins and freshness is an art, but just like any other great wine, when properly made, are amazing wines

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What really makes a great wine buyer

February 8, 2020    Tags: View Comments (0)

Being a wine buyer today is not anymore about travelling the world discovering great wines, it is about sitting on a desk and taste dozens of wines, but it is certainly not about margins and profits, I never wanted to be an accountant, I may be romantic, but this is what I do.

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No or low alcohol drinks

January 24, 2020    Tags: View Comments (0)

No or low alcohol drinks is a trend and as such, as a business we can't ignore it and we are not, however, no alcohol wine or spirits is something Italians don’t do, except Peroni which we all know it is not Italian, and the ones I tried, not Italian, were not good

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Dry January? I think I go dry every month

January 21, 2020    Tags: View Comments (0)

At we've always campaigned and supported a healthy attitude towards alcohol, we never advertised or promoted cheap wine or alcohol in general, we always said less is better, same for food, we have a clear manifesto, even when goes against our financial interests

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Grappa, the real story and its renaissance

January 5, 2020    Tags: View Comments (0)

Grappa is the most Italian of all spirits, made from a waste product, the pomace, the left over from the wine making process, and originally the poor people ‘s drink. Rich people would make and drink the wine and give the left over to the poor people for them to make their own drink, grappa, drink that until recently, did not have a great reputation amongst spirits lovers

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