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Red, rose' and white wine

January 17, 2009 Tags:
Recently I keep reading about the growth of the rose' wine and the fall of the red wine and none of the articles read tries to explain the reason. My explanation for this growth is the age of the UK market.

We don't need to forget that wine in the UK is still something relatively new compared to what is in Italy and France, in these last two countries the consumption of rose' wines is very limited, and rose' wine comes just before the red wine. It is a bit more structured than the wine white but less than the red wine and I see this growth as a natural evolution towards the red wine. The more the UK market becomes mature, the more the consumption of red wine will increase.

Other reasons I see behind this growth are the fact that the red wine is more a foodie wine whilst in the UK the wine is often drunk outside meals and this makes the rose' more suitable than the red and, lastly, the cost that makes rose' wines, in the low end of the price gap, better value for money. I also want to share a wine maker tip that explains why rose' wines are perceived as better. The cold covers smells and problems of the wine whilst the right temperature enhances the bouquet and the cleanliness of it. Similarly, the oak flavour can be used to cover the same problems in red or white wines.
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