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Supermarkets' wines

March 28, 2008 Tags:
A few days ago, on my way back from a day in the countryside I stopped at Asda to buy some milk for my next morning breakfast, I went to see their wines. This shop was somewhere at the border between England and Scotland. I found the Italian section and started browsing amongst their wines, a part from plenty of Pinot grigio coming from all over regions and ranging from £3.99 to £8.99 without any explanation for the non wine connoisseur, my attention was grabbed by a Soave that was on sale for a staggering £2.98. If we take into account the duty, the Vat and all other accessory cost, I would say that the cost of the wine at the origin is probably 0.5 euros possibly less. In the production of this particular wine, there are 3 companies making a profit, the people producing the wine, the company bottling it and lastly, ASDA. I immediately took the bottle and read the back label, the front one did not say anything. The first thing I looked at was the producer and after a few seconds I saw that wine was bottled by a company outside the Soave DOC area. Then I was also attracted by the tasting notes written on the back label by the Asda's top wine buyer, I don't remember her name but she is a Master of Wine. All she was saying was that the wine was lively or something similar and was suggesting that the wine pair fish dishes and starter and it was 2006 vintage. I am sure she is very good, but I would never put my name on something I would never drink even if I was paid to do it, and I am pretty sure, she would never buy this wine if she saw it on a shelf, especially now. I don't think this wine has never been any good, but now it will be nearly oxidised and if I was her, I will ask for this wine to be removed from the shelves immediately

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