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Andrea's wine conversations: Chardonnay | The Italian Abroad Wine Blog
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Andrea's wine conversations: Chardonnay

February 20, 2017 Tags: 0 comments
Chardonnay is a fantastic grape, produces amazing wine, from light, refreshing, easy to drink to complex, aged wine, Chardonnay is also used to make sparkling wines, from Champagne to Franciacorta. Chardonnay used to be a favourite grape and wine until the Pinot grigio took over and the reason it happens was because the buttery, oaky flavours have covered the grape characteristics. Oak, whether barrels or just flavours, is also a way to hide poor quality grapes, watch Andrea’s latest video to find out more . This Chardonnay is from Apulia or Puglia and is wonderful, refreshing white wine
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