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Is it true, British want cheap plonk?

March 09, 2009 Tags:
In one of my latest posting about wine and its cost, I received the following comment:
If you're buying wine in a supermarket, I don't think taste is top of the list on things your looking for in a wine. The British want cheap plonk that will get them drunk, end of story. And the supermarkets/gov't seem only to happy to give the people what they want. Keeps them from asking too many questions about what's really going on in this country. Wine education is key, then perhaps the public will start demanding flavourful wine!

I don't totally agree with it, because if I did, I would be better leaving England and go somewhere else where wine drinkers can appreciate quality wines. I am sure that the government could do a lot better than increase duty on alcohol that only damage good wines and not the cheap, tasteless wine sold by the supermarkets. I also agree with the education bit; unfortunately, without education nothing will ever change. I started appreciating wine when I was a child and I always enjoyed it without abusing, this is for me the solution to all problems alcohol related.

Another solution will be for the government to set a minimum price, similar to what Scotland is doing, so that wine drinkers will look more carefully at what they buy and will increase awareness and reduce binge drinking. The problem is that plenty of wine is sold by supermarkets or big chains and without education, yes again, the only difference between two wines is the price and why pay more for something that looks exactly as the more expensive one? Small, independent wine merchants not only sell better wines but can offer plenty of advice and educate so that, next time, you can go alone.
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