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Wine critics, once again..

February 08, 2010 Tags:
If you follow me, you know that I have already written about wine critics, however, a couple of days ago, in the Guardian, I read the article Is wine criticism just bunk? and I thought to add something on the subject... The article is based on the comments made by wine expert Tim Hanni that consumers should ignore wines critics and just drink what they like. I always said that the palate develops with tasting, the more we taste the more we learn about wine. On the other side, tasting is different from drinking and enjoying a glass of wine. I do taste plenty of wines every day as part of my work, however, I do not drink all of them. A fantastic wine, a faultless wine, is not always something I would enjoy drinking. Wine reviews should be seen as they are, the opinions of someone who has tasted a few wines. However, a positive wine review does not mean that you will like the wine and if you don't, there is nothing wrong with you. In the same article, Hanni also argues that nothing makes Moĕt objectively "better" than Lambrini : it's all just pomp and profit but I completely disagree with it. A Moet is definitely better than a Lambrini, like it or not, but on the other side, there are plenty of champagnes better than Moet. I believe that every palate can appreciate a good, well made wine, whether experienced taster or not and this is the beauty of wine. Like art, whether expert or not, we all remain speechless in front of a painting.
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