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Each wine has its own price

January 23, 2010 Tags:
A couple of days ago I was shopping at M&S and when walking along the wine aisle I noticed that they were selling amongst others, a wine called Corvina at £6.99 and a Valpolicella Ripasso at £5.99. When looking at it, I also seen that on the same shelf there was a Nebbiolo d'Alba at £10.99 and a Barbaresco at £9.99.

For many shoppers, these wines look completely different and the price does not say anything, however, these are wines of the same family. Corvina is one of the grapes used in the making of the Valpolicella and the lot, Amarone, Valpolicella Ripasso etc. and Nebbiolo, on the other side, is the grape used in the making of the Barbaresco and the Barolo and the price tells me a lot.

Both wines, Barbaresco and Ripasso should be a lot more costly than their young brothers, simply because they should be made using better grapes, following a more complex wine making process and for the Barbaresco, aged in barrels as well. The fact that they are not, tells me that the quality of these wines is not good.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, each wine has its own cost, a minimum price that guarantees the quality. If the price is below the cost, it is better to stay away from it and drink something else.
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