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Finally live

October 26, 2007 Tags:
It has been a long journey but we finally made it. The new site is now live and we really hope you like it... we put a lot of effort to create this site and we listened to all your comments. Unfortunately the journey is only at the beginning, we got a long way to go. As you will see, the content is not all there but I can ensure you we will do our best to complete it as soon as possible. The new is now all about Italian food and wine in all its different version, eating in or out. We also made the site more user friendly and easy to use. More features will be added soon but please if you would like to see something which is not yet there, please please let us know and will do our best to add it. We want to become the website about Italian food and wine and to achieve this, we need you and we need your feedbacks and opinions. You can post them in this blog or sending us a mail and I promise you, we will add a nice bottle of wine completely free on your next order.
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