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Selling wine by the price

February 01, 2009 Tags:
I am always sceptical about companies trying to sell goods emphasising on the price, I belong to the school that price don't go well with quality. I have recently received a flyer that offers 6 wines for £9.99. I am pretty sure I had never seen anything like this before, I am used to receive offers but never had any that looked that good, even Tesco seems to be so expensive compared... That amount only covers for the duty, not even the VAT. Interestingly, this wine merchant claims to support small wine makers. From a wine drinker perspective though, there is no information about the wines included in the selection.

When was set up, there were very few merchants if none, claiming to support and help small winemakers. In the last couple of years, these have grown exponentially, because writing on the website we support small producers is trendy and sells, now more than ever, where knowing the origin of our food has become a very delicate issue. Still, I can't understand how a small producer can afford to offer its wine for nothing, without even covering the bottling cost, forget about the rest, or the merchant can sell at a loss.

Our winemakers, really small ones, will never be able to do that and we will never ask them to, we won't be helping them if this was the case and we will never be in the position of selling our wines so cheaply without going out of business. What we do do, is to support our small wine makers emphasising the quality of their wine and food and the good value for money they offer.
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