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The 2022 harvest is well on its way

August 15, 2022 Tags: 0 comments
The 2022 harvest will certainly be one to be remembered and for once, from north to south, even if with slight differences.

The 2022 harvest started earlier than any other on record. At the beginning of August grapes for sparkling wines were already being harvested, the atypical summer heat wave has anticipated the maturation of the grapes.

The 2022 will also be remember for the complete lack of rain. Italian winemakers and vineyards have been without rain from the beginning of June, now, middle of August rain is forecasted, with the risk of thunderstorms and hailstones that could destroy everything.

The heat wave and the drought that has affected the whole of Italy, has affected the different regions and areas differently. Whilst in the north, near the mountains, the melting snow has helped to keep the vineyards irrigated, in the south the situation has been much more dramatic with winemakers working tirelessly in the vineyards to prevent the grapes from burning.

The 2022 has been a very challenging year for all winemakers, and if initially, there were worries that could have been another 2003, now, they are all positively surprised by the quality of the grapes even if with a lower yield, but the whole country needs rain now.

The 2022 vintage has just started, this is only the beginning; the next couple of months and the amount of rain falling will determine its quality and what to expect from the wines. But 2022 has also reminded wine makers of the challenges ahead due to the extreme weather events that are becoming more and more frequent.
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