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Shades of Pinot Nero, (6*75cl)


Why we love it

For all lovers of Pinot Nero, aka Pinot Noir for the rest of the world, this mixed case include 5 fantastic examples and interpretations of the grape. Pinot Nero is a great grape but require skilled winemakers, it is a very delicate grape, difficult to grow, and even more difficult wine to make.

In Italy, the grape is widely grown in the north with a few vineyards spread around the country and this mixed case not only contains wines from different regions, but also different styles, from two classic method sparkling wines to three different interpretations of red Pinot Nero from Piedmont, Trentino and Alto Adige. The case contains 2 bottle of La miniera and one for each of the other Pinot Nero wines.

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Included In The Shades of Pinot Nero,

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