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Taste the difference

January 28, 2008 Tags:
We keep watching on TV programs about what is behind the food available from supermarkets, but very often, the attention is not on the taste but on other elements that could be the way the lamb or chicken are treated or where it comes from. I think the real difference is in the taste and only at this point, when we tasted the good stuff, I bet everything that we will then start buying without worrying too much about the cost. As my dad would say, it is better a glass of a good wine than not three bottles of a bad one. To start tasting the difference, we don't need to go far or spend a lot of money. We can start from the orange juice we drink for breakfast. Let's buy the most expensive juice available from the supermarket and then press 4 oranges. The juice made by ourselves is miles better than the one bought. Is it a bit more expensive? Who really cares Is the difference in taste worth whatever it cost more? Yes, it is. This is a very simple test. And this applies to everything. And if you don't like making your own juice, then buy any food from a supermarket and read the label, you will read plenty of ingredients that you never heard of and you have no idea what they are. Buy the same food from a small producer and you will recognise all ingredients.
Supermarkets, for many reasons within the definition of supermarket itself, cannot offer you the same quality in food that you can expect buying food made by a small producers. No matter how much they commit themselves, they will never be able to do it.
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