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June 01, 2008 Tags:
Last week we to the London International wine fair and we had a fantastic time. A part from having a successful event with all our visitors complimenting us for our portfolio wine, we tasted plenty of new wines, Italian and not. The Italian tasting was for business whilst the rest of the world one was pleasure and I have to admit that we tasted plenty of good and bad wine, but as I always say, it helps in refining the tasting skills. The event is also the occasion where the result of the major UK wine competitions, Decanter world wine award and International wine challenge are released and this time we only submitted 4 wines, it gets every year more expensive to participate and I don't believe in the way the wines are judged and the medals are given, but still we won 4 medals. When I say that I don't believe in these competitions, I mean, that I still think that good wines are given medals, but the big winners, are, often in my opinion formed after having tasted several of them in the last few years not the best. This year, one of the wines we entered got a bronze medal and the reason of the bronze was, according to the judges, too much oak. This wine, the new vintage of Preziosaterra Dal Cero, only spend 4 months in not new barrel and in fact, tasting the wine you could see that the oak was there but the reason was that the wine is not yet ready. This makes me thinking that the judges on these competitions, taste the wines in a rush, without any consideration on the wine and probably these is one of the reason why tend to award wines that are ready instead of wine that, even if not yet, are the best wine. Amongst the winners I tasted, I also tasted the Amarone Classico Zenato, winner of the International wine and spirit competition together with a wine consultant, and none of us was impressed by it. I am inviting you to taste and compare the wine with our Amarone and let me know which you think taste better.
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