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July 30, 2009 Tags:
After a long wait, the 2008 vintage of the Sauvignon Scubla has finally arrived for the joy of us all, however, we only received 400 bottles, of which a couple of dozens will end in my own cellar, and this will be all for the year. Roberto Scubla only produces a few thousand bottles of Sauvignon and in the last few years its quality has been outstanding, in fact the wine is sold before it is even released and there is a fight amongst all of his importers in trying to get as much as possible, last year we run out in October.

Roberto Scubla is a perfectionist and his wines are released only when they are ready, does not matter if the previous vintage has finished and the market is demanding them. And the 2008 vintage was only ready now. One aspect of wine making that not many drinkers know is that the right time for a wine does not always come at the same time, some vintages can be early some other can be late. There are several elements that determine when the wine is be ready and the only way to see when the time is right, is by tasting it on a daily basis.

Together with the Sauvignon Scubla, we also received the Greco and Coda di Volpe, two new white wines from Campania, and the Moscato Passito from the same region and producer.
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