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EU allows rose being made mixing red and white

April 02, 2009 Tags:
Unfortunately yesterday was a bad day for rose' wine lovers. The EU has approved a law that allows rose' wine to be made mixing white and red wine raising plenty of critics from plenty of wine makers, especially Italian and French. It is worth to mention that if the law has just been approved in Europe, other countries including Australia and South Africa are already using this method. Currently rose' wine in Europe is made fermenting the juice with the skins at a low temperature for a few hours until the wanted rose' gradient is obtained. This process takes time and skills. With the new method, anyone can make a rose' wine and I am sure there will be plenty of new roses appearing in the coming weeks.

At, together with our wine makers, we completely disagree with this new law. Quantity and price prevail on quality and, proper wine drinkers, people like us who enjoy their glass of wine, are once again the ones that will be losing out. Not only wines made this way will be cheaper, at the moment it is not yet clear whether the wine should have something on the label saying how it is made, but this, I am sure, will become a way to recycle undrinkable or nearly gone red and white wines into rose' wines, so don't wonder if you see an invasion of very cheap rose' wine in the near future.

And this is a sad time also because the French government has announced that has banned drinking outside, not even in restaurant terraces from the 1st of July. This is a step back to many years ago, I was not even born yet, and with it, part of the French culture is also gone. In the last few years, wine has become a demon for the governments around the world, the cause of all problems; because of few that abuse of it, the rest are paying the cost. Let's start doing something about it.
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