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Corporate Gifts and Wine Tasting Events

October 02, 2021 Tags: 0 comments
Last year Christmas was different, for the first time we were told not to see family and friends and stay home, totally opposite to what Christmas should be.

This year, luckily for all of us, things have got better, we are not out of the woods yet but our lives have got back to some sort of normality, they resemble to what they were before the pandemic and finally, this Christmas we will be allowed to celebrate and enjoy the festive atmosphere, whether at work or with family and friends. And if last year was all about hampers, this year we will be allowed to have gatherings and what better than a wine tasting to wish all our colleagues a very well deserved, face to face, Merry Christmas.

Corporate hampers are still the choice for many businesses, but we are starting to receive booking for our corporate wine tastings, wine tastings that can be held at your premises or in one of our restaurant partners all over the country.

Our hampers come in a hand wrapped basket, with a handwritten, personalised note and are full of the highest quality Italian products, artisan food and award winning wines and made to fit any budget or content preference, to produce a memorable present. Our hampers full of Italian food and wine have been a very appreciated present since 2003.

Our wine tasting events on the other side, we have been running events for over 20 years, are more suited to smaller groups or companies and we have different formats, from just wine to events that include pairing artisan cheeses and cold meat platters, and have different themes, from the classic cheese and wine to a more exotic chocolate and wine tasting, where wines will be paired to our artisan Italian chocolate. Our corporate wine tastings are a fantastic way to reward your team or to entertain clients all years round.

For more information on corporate hampers or corporate wine tastings, email us at [email protected] or fill the form and we will get back to you.
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