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Buy smarter and drink better wine

October 09, 2009 Tags:
I am writing this post for the opportunity to showcase my blog at the Wine Gang Christmas Fair. You don't need to vote or anything similar, all I have to do is to link this post to the Wine gang blog and wait....

Buy smarter and drink better, this has to be the subject but free to interpret... My main priority will be drink better, I do not mind paying something extra for a good bottle of wine but I will never be happy to pay, even if only a few pennies, for a poor bottle of wine. But how to drink better buying smarter, is this achievable? I would say yes. How, simply don't buy wine by its price, both sides, cheap or expensive. In Italy we have a saying that says cheap is equal poor quality, in Britain I learned it is you get what you pay for, if you are then buying wine, remember to take £1.5 (duty) off the cost to see how much you are actually paying the wine and think how much a bottle of Coke cost.

On the other side, I will never buy an expensive wine only because is dear and therefore presumed to be good unless I am buying it from a known and trusted merchant or know the wine or the wine maker. I will also avoid a wine simply because its award or points, I have tasted plenty of wines that had plenty of awards or points and remained dissatisfied, points and awards need to put into context, and taste is unique and an award doesn't mean that I will like the wine.

Once eliminated the cheap, the expensive and the awarded, I will choose between the ones in the middle. My approach will be to start eliminating the ones that looks like made on demand, read the label, back and front, of the ones left and then pick one. Drink better is not only about drinking better wines but also drinking differently, tasting different wines and wine makers, and not be afraid of picking the wrong wine, sometime drinking a bad wine teach more than a book full of words.
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