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Chinotto, Imperdibile (20cl)

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Chinotto is a very Italian soft drink, a classic for Italians from north to south. Obtained through the infusion of chinotto fruit that get their distinct flavour from the unique conditions of the Mediterranean climate, Chinotto is a dark soft drink with a slightly bitter taste but very refreshing.

Our chinotto, obtained from Ligurian fruits from the Slow Food area in Savona, the only area recognised by the Slow Food movement, has a smooth taste, it is soft, pleasantly bitter with persistent citrus notes. No sweeteners or preservatives, only natural aromas.

Chinotto not only is a refreshing drink for a hot day, but is the perfect accompaniment to Italian street food dishes from arancino to porchetta or a perfect ingredient for cocktails and mocktails.

The artisan who made it

Located inside the Brughiera natural park in the province of Como, Lombardy, Fava Bibite is a small artisan company that has been making soft drinks for more than fifty years.

A family business that has always believed in the pursuit of quality - using the best ingredients and a very modern plant.

Italy and Italian soft drinks are not very famous abroad, however, Italy has a big tradition and Fava is part of it. From Cedrata to Chinotto, from Limonata to Gassosa these are only some of the classic, traditional Italian soft drinks, soft drinks made following old recipe and only using natural aroma and without sweeteners or preservatives.

But Fava range is much more than traditional Italian soft drinks and includes plenty of mixers, from tonics to ginger ale, and a whole range of organic soft drinks, including an organic version of Cola, the Italian coke. Fava soft drinks are great, healthier alternatives to mass produced drinks that are too often packed with sugar. Whether you drink them on their own or enjoy them as a cocktail mixer, you’ll be sure to love these delicious soft drinks.

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