Italian wine and grape guide : Verdello


The Verdello grape, as in the case of other varieties, is named after the yellow-greenish color of its berries. Its origins are not known and the first certain mention of Verdello is very recent, 1949 at the Convention and Exhibition of Grapes from Perugia. It is grown in Orvieto and in some neighboring areas in Tuscany. It seems to resemble in some respects to the Verdelho grown on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Its berry is white, medium-small, spherical with a waxy, greenish-yellow skin with brown streaks. The bunch is medium-large, pyramidal, winged and compact with a medium, orbicular leaf. The Verdello grape is very susceptible to powdery mildew and botrytis and prefers hilly terrain, ventilated, with medium fertility. It is a grape of abundant and regular production. The wine produced from this grape is straw-colored, intense with fruity notes. Its taste is fresh, medium bodied, with bitter end. Usually, it is never vinified alone, but blended with other varieties of the area.

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