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The Piedirosso is a red grape variety of very ancient origins native of the Naples area, Campania that between the 18th and 19th century spread around, reaching the province of Avellino and in the area of Vesuvius and Mount Somma. The Piedirosso origin is uncertain, some think that it corresponds to the grape “Colombina” mentioned by Pliny the Elder but its name, almost certainly comes from the red colour of the stalk that appears when the grapes reach ripeness.

Until recently the Piedirosso grape was mainly used in blend with other local grapes, amongst the wines made with Piedirosso there is the Lacryma Christi, but in the last few years thanks to a few winemakers, the grape is enjoying a renaissance, producing outstanding 100% Piedirosso red wines mainly bottled as Vesuvio DOC. The Piedirosso grape is nowadays found in the whole region of Campania, but it is in the Vesuvius area that produces the best examples thanks to its volcanic soil.

The Piedirosso berry is black, medium-large, spheroid with thick, waxy, red-purple skin. The bunch is medium, medium-large, squat, truncated pyramid, with two wings, sparse, with reddish stalks and medium, orbicular or three-lobed leaves, the grape has an early maturity.

The Piedirosso grape produces elegant wine with an intense ruby red colour, fruity with hints of violets on the nose, full bodied, slightly tannic, with a lively acidity that can stand ageing.

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