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Caprettone is a white grape variety mainly grown in Campania and precisely the province of Naples, around Mount Vesuvius where produces some outstanding volcanic wines. Historically Caprettone was believed to be a clone of Coda di Volpe but following a DNA analysys, it has been concluded that the grapes are actually two distinct varieties.

The Caprettone grape was mainly used in blend and it is one of the grapes allowed in the Lacryma Christi Bianco DOC, but it is now vinified on its own and bottled under the Vesuvio DOC appellation.

The Caprettone grape has an early to mid ripening and has a moderate acidity level, even in a warm climate. Due to, the until recently, confusion between Coda di Volpe and Caprettone, it is unknown how many hectars of Caprettone grapes are actually planted since the two are cultivated together.

Caprettone wines, especially from grapes grown in the Mount Vesuvius area, tend to be full, with delicate noses of tropical fruit, lively and elegant.

Producers growing the grape

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