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Coda di volpe

Coda di volpe

The grape Coda di Volpe (Fox tail) is an old white variety from Campania and there are specific historical references about this vine since the time of ancient Rome. Pliny the Elder had made mention in his “Naturalis Historia” a vine “Cauda Vulpium” suitable for building a pergola. Its name derives from the characteristic shape of the bunch, reminiscent of the fox tail. It is cultivated in Naples at the foothill of Vesuvius, and in Benevento, both in the area of Sannio and Taburno.

Until a few years ago it was considered a minor grape variety and was used mostly in blends with other varieties in the area. Vinified alone, and through the efforts of wine growers from Campania it has however shown that it can achieve very attractive levels.

Coda di Volpe has white small, regular, sub-round berries with yellow and waxy skin. The bunch is large, sparse, sometimes dense, and pyramidal with large, five-lobed, light green in color leaf. This grape requires rich soil and good exposure, because of its low vigor.

The vine Coda di Volpe gives wines of pale straw gold color, with good acidity, medium-bodied and spicy and salty sensations on the palate.

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