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Primitivo di Manduria "Acinore'", Tenuta Giustini (75cl)

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Why we love it

Primitivo di Manduria is not the same as a Primitivo, despite the grape is the same the different growing area produces totally different wines and Acinore', that translates in "King of the grape" in English, is a multi award winning aged Primitivo di Manduria wine.

Primitivo di Manduria is the only DOC wine made with the grapes and as the name Acinore' says, this wine is made using only the best grapes from the oldest vineyard, it is a wine made in the vineyard, by working obsessively on it, to produce a very limited yield and healthy grapes.

This wine aged in wood, has a very complex and rich nose, with plenty of fruit, in the mouth is full, smooth, velvety, perfectly balanced and with a long lasting aftertaste and pairs perfectly rich and flavoursome dishes or mature cheeses. It can also be enjoyed on its own, as a meditation wine, or with some dark chocolate . To learn how to pair wine and chocolate read our blog.

This wine can be put aside in the cellar and forgotten for several more years or drunk now, after hours of decanting. A great Primitivo di Manduria aged.

The artisan who made it

The 2006 is the year Tenuta Giustini was born, even though the current generation's grandparents had been farmers and cultivated grapes all their life and their parents before them, they wanted to put in a bottle their grandparents’ hard work, until then, the grapes were sold to local cooperatives, they wanted to show them that their hard work and care in the vineyards, could produce great wines.

Salvatore, the latest generation, started with very little financial resources, but bags of passion and dedication, and bottle by bottle, in 2015 he finally built the winery, a winery equipped with all the latest equipment, the missing link to his dream.

Tenuta Giustini has vineyards in some of the most vocated area in the Apulia region, including Manduria, where they grow Primitivo that becomes Primitivo di Manduria, the only DOC Primitivo wine.

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