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Italian wine and grape guide : Primitivo


The Primitivo grape variety, from Abruzzo to Basilicata and from Sardinia to Campania, finds it located chosen territory in Puglia, in the area of Manduria. Its origins are uncertain, but are believed to be of Dalmatian provenance, brought in Puglia by the ancient Illyrian people more than 2000 years ago. Its name comes definitely from the precocious ripening of the grapes. The intensity and characteristics of the body of wines made with primitive variety, together with its high productivity (although not very consistent) have meant that in the past it was mainly used as a blending wine. Only in more recent times, working on the reduction in yields, returning to traditional forms of farming (Apulian tree) and using more accurate techniques of winemaking, the Primitivo led to truly remarkable products that have determined the rediscovery by the general public. The berry is black, medium, spheroid with medium thick, bluish skin of abundant bloom. The bunch is medium, long, conical-simple cylindrical, winged or double, medium compact with a medium, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf. The Primitivo vine fears the drought and high temperatures. It has medium vigor and age of early maturing, high productivity but not so constant. The Primitivo grape variety gives a very intense dark ruby-red wine. The scent is spicy and fruity. The taste is warm, soft, tannic. Great structure and great persistence.

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