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Prosecco,Tenuta Amadio (4*75cl)

Vegan Organic

Why we love it

Asolo is one of the DOCG appellations and all Prosecco in this mixed case come from there. This is a case for Prosecco lovers where not only you get to taste 4 great bottle of prosecco but you will also discover the differences between them.

And whilst 2 bottles are labelled Prosecco, the other two are not. One is a bottle of Prosecco ancestrale, where the fermentation happens in the bottle and not in the tank as per the prosecco, also known as Prosecco cloudy, the other is a 100% pinot noir sparkling rose', a great sparkling wine that would be a shame to call prosecco rose' since prosecco rose' are not 100% pinot noir, they normally contain about 10%.

Once you taste the real prosecco, you will not be able to drink anymore the cheap prosecco available.

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