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Salmon Tagliatelle


(4 portions)

Egg Tagliatelle 250 g
100 gr. Smoked Salmon
150 gr. Cream fresh
Black Pepper
1 Tablespoon Chopped Fresh Dill
Dill for Garnishing
Extra virgin olive oil
White wine

Wine pairing suggestions


Tagliatelle with salmon is an elegant pasta course, with a smoky flavor softened by fresh cream. Easy to prepare, they require few ingredients and are the ideal recipe for a dinner for two or with friends.


To prepare the salmon tagliatelle, add the extra virgin olive oil or butter in a large, not too shallow pan. Add the salmon cut into strips, mix gently. After a couple of minutes, ensure the salmon stays moist and do not overcook, add a few drops of white wine and increase the heat. After a couple of more minutes add the cream, a pinch of salt and black pepper and cook over low heat for 3-4 minutes.

Boil the tagliatelle in abundant boiling salted water, drain them al dente, leaving some water and transfer them to the pan with the sauce. Mix delicately, cook on low heat for a minute and then serve the salmon tagliatelle. Add some chopped dill after plating them.

Smoked salmon for a richer version can also be used

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