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Trebbiano Spoletino

Trebbiano Spoletino

The Trebbiano Spoletino is a native Umbria white grape, but its name seems to derive from the town of Trevi, located in the neighborhood of Spoleto, near Perugia, unlike traditional Trebbiano (Romagna Trebbiano, Trebbiano, Trebbiano Abruzzo, etc.) whose name derives instead from “Trebula”, farm (Pliny the Elder describes a “Vinum Trebulanum”, which according to this interpretation, would be for “country wine” or “home-made wine”).

In addition, the Trebbiano Spoletino is different from the other Trebbianos for aromas of aromatic herbs and citrus notes aftertaste, remarkable freshness and flavor that make the grape particularly suitable for sparkling wine.

The Trebbiano Spoletino's berry is white, medium, spherical, cross-sectional regular with large, yellowish skin, often with brown spots, and waxy. The bunch is medium, cylindrical or cylindrical-conical, tight, very regular with a medium, pentagonal or wedge-shaped, with five lobes, rarely three-lobed leaf. The grape needs pruning of medium length or long but has no special demands regarding the soil, although prefers siliceous stony and well-exposed soils.

The Trebbiano Spoletino grape produces pale yellow wines with greenish hues; the scent is pleasant and delicate, with notes of citrus and aromatic herbs; the palate has pleasant sensations of freshness and flavor.

We do not stock any wine made with Trebbiano Spoletino but we suggest you to try those made with Chardonnay