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Pallagrello Nero

Pallagrello Nero

The grape Pallagrello is one of the native grape varieties that is driving the renaissance of the Campania wines.

The variety is native of Caserta, with two varieties: a white and a black, with small bunches and perfectly round berries, hence the name Pallagrello, small ball in the local dialect “U Pallarel”. Its origin presumably dates back to the ancient Greece, and have evidences that in the Ancient Rome period the grape was known by the name of “Pilleolata”.

The Pallagrello is a complex grape, not very productive and very delicate, the Pallagrello Nero is harvested between late October and early November and it needs a well dosed wood approach and has a good evolution in the bottle.

Pallagrello Black produces a red wine of great structure with an intense ruby colour. The nose is characterised by notes of red fruits, tobacco, blackberry jam, the palate is harmonious, soft, velvety and a very long aftertaste.

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