The Grillo grape is a white variety that originates from Italy and is commonly grown in Sicily, mainly the western Sicily, due to its ability to tolerate high temperatures. Grillo is a semi aromatic grape capable of producing wines with a high alcohol content and suited for ageing.

Grillo is also widely spread in the Marsala area and has particular importance in the production of the Marsala fortified wine of which it is one of the most used varieties, often together with Inzolia and Catarratto. The best Marsala come in fact from Grillo grapes.

The Grillo grape when vinified on its own, it is also used in blends, can produce wines of great depth and a good longevity potential, superior to all Sicilian whites except those from Etna.

The wines made from Grillo grape are of a light and bright straw yellow color. The fruity and citrus aromas are integrated with the floral notes of wildflowers and orange blossom. On the palate the wine is fresh, well structured with a pleasant, slightly savory and mineral finish. Grillo wines are wines that go best with fish and shellfish, even raw, and fresh cheese platters.

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